Moises Ferrandez Gea

Principal Osteopath & Owner

Moises graduated in 2012 from Oxford Brookes University, with a Bachelor Honours degree in Osteopathy. He then spent 5 years working in New Zealand as an associate osteopath at a multidisciplinary clinic in which he treated a great variety of patients and conditions. He returned back to Spain in 2017 and continued expanding his knowledge and experience at a private clinic.

He is very passionate about his profession and enjoys working with adults and children of all ages. He uses a diverse range of osteopathic techniques including soft tissue massage, mobilisations, manipulations, stretching, visceral, fascial and cranial techniques, amongst others, to ensure the best possible outcome. He has done and continues doing extensive post-graduate training to further his skills, such as courses in paediatric osteopathy, obstetrics osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, visceral osteopathy and sports injuries.

Moises has great experience in managing the body as it gets older. He believes keeping mobile is the key to health and independence. He offers treatment and advice to help improve mobility, circulation and balance, reducing joint stiffness and pain, helping you lead a more fulfilling life. He has had great success in treating chronic pain and is very passionate about finding the real cause of the pain and treating the source to reduce the chance that it may occur again.

Being an extremely active individual from an early age, Moises has a love for the outdoors and all sport. He has special interests in treating, managing and rehabilitating sports athletes, having worked with Canterbury United Football Team, triathletes, tennis players, rugby players amongst many others.

Other osteopathic interests he has are treating babies, children and pregnant women. He is enthusiastic about seeing children bounce back from traumatic birth, colic, playground injuries or childhood illnesses so that they can continue to grow and develop into healthy young adults. Similarly, he believes that osteopathic care for pregnant women can help provide welcome relief as the mother’s body and posture continually compensates and responds to the baby’s growth. With gentle hands on treatment, he will aim to maximise the body’s ability to change and support itself, minimising the pain and discomfort that so often comes with pregnancy.

In his time working in New Zealand and Spain he managed to build an extensive trusting clientele, thanks to his undeniable commitment in returning his patients to optimal function and health to maintain and enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.


David Baeza

Nutritionist & Dietician

David is highly passionate about helping people to create healthy and effective eating habits. His main objective is to provide an exclusive and individualised service for each of his patients, that will help them to make substantial changes to improve their health and wellbeing. In each session, David’s main priority is to understand the patient's needs, objectives, limitations and worries, and to then create an effective health program based on the individual patient's needs.

David studied Human Nutrition and Dietetics at Alicante University. He was self-employed during his early professional years, in which he travelled to England to improve his English, and continued with his work in nutrition helping people primarily through online platforms. He then returned to Spain and worked in a health shop in Alicante, where he greatly improved his knowledge of veganism and herbal treatments. Now, he has joined our team at Osteozenia Clinic as the head of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department, as he continues with his professional training in Paediatric Nutrition and Fertility.

Throughout his whole life David has practiced a number of sports, but the one he´s loved the most, and consequently has developed the most in, has been gym training, a passion which led him to specialise in sports nutrition. In his sessions, David insists on the importance of combining healthy eating habits with an active lifestyle, in order to achieve optimum health. A successful program will mean working on creating exciting but easy meal plans with specific workout routines for each patient. With David you will learn what nutrients your body needs the most and you will enjoy tasty meals that will improve your health and improve your lifestyle.

At the same time, you will be on the way to achieving a goal that is specific to you as an individual, whether it be losing weight, gaining muscle mass or just improving your general health. He can also help you with any intolerances, allergies, specific dieting, such as veganism, digestive pathologies, nutrition for the whole family, paediatric programs, and much more. He promotes buying from local businesses and he´s a great fan of the Mediterranean diet.

At Osteozenia Clinic, you will enjoy learning about nutrition, all while acquiring useful and relevant knowledge that will enable you to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. If you’ve reached this far and still have any questions for us, please do not hesitate in contacting us for further information. We would be more than happy to help you with anything you might need.


Ángela Díaz

Massage Therapist

From 2009 to 2011, Angela achieved her diplomas in Chiromassage, Superior Chiromassage, Sports Massage and Auriculotherapy, at the Medical and Naturopathic Center in Albacete. In 2018 she began her studies in Structural Osteopathy and Visceral Osteopathy at CIM School, and to this day she continues to study Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy. She has also completed seminars and courses on muscle chains, reflexology and lymphatic drainage.

In her sessions, Angela incorporates the “Osteozenia philosophy” by treating the body in a comprehensive and holistic way, using diagnostic tools to find the origin of the dysfunction in order to correct it from its root. Her aim is to help people obtain a better quality of life. To do that Angela uses both massage and osteopathic techniques, which allow her to diagnose and treat injuries effectively and safely.

Regarding her professional experience, Ángela has worked as a Massage Therapist in hotels, multidisciplinary clinics, and massage centers. She has also worked for 9 years in several football teams, including 3rd Division and National Youth teams


Cristina Méndez

Personal Trainer

Holistic personal trainer, adviser and fitness consultant.

In 2010 Cristina's personal and professional career called for a great change; this is when she decided to start her training as a coach to work on what she truly loved.

It all started after finishing her training in the fitness sector with the certification of Fitness instructor and Personalized Training - Official certification by the Royal Spanish Academy of Gymnastics (European Health & Fitness Association). Later in life, she felt something was missing in her career, that was stopping her from really being able to help her clients in the way she wanted to. And so she completed her studies in Professional Certification of Yoga teacher (Certificate of professionalism AFDA 0311, Yoga level III of Professional Training for Employment Royal Decree 1076/2012).

After working in a number of different companies within the fitness sector, Cristina realized that she wanted much more, and set out to create her own business and fitness program; she named it Fitness and Holistic Training. With a personalised fitness system, she is able to more efficiently help people to exercise properly, safely and effectively; helping each person to transform their life through conscious exercise and healthy lifestyle habits.

Her speciality:

  • Postural reeducation and improvement of quality of movement. This work program helps you improve your fitness training and sports practice, avoiding injuries and improving performance.

Some of the tools she uses:

  • Advanced knowledge about: biomechanics, muscle activation, functional training (cross-training, HIIT, tabata), pilates and yoga.

What really differentiates Cristina within this sector is her holistic approach. This involves a mix between fitness, yoga, pilates with other very powerful tools, such as coaching, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and bio-deprogramming. We also offer a training program that is delivered through both courses and workshops, for clients and professionals in the sports and fitness sector. These are aimed at improving posture, as well as improving sports performance and avoiding injuries.


Amanda García Amrita

Yoga & Pilates

Seeker of self-realization and happiness.

From the age of 4, Amanda dedicated a great part of her life to rhythmic gymnastics training, working towards the goal of becoming an elite athlete. Up until the age of 15, she participated in several district competitions, both individually and as part of a team, in Valencia and the Canary Islands.

Amanda has always been captivated by dance, and so she also began to perform in different musical styles, in countries across the globe, including Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Morocco and China. Throughout her travels, she learned about oriental and tribal fusion dance, two styles that resemble her true essence and allow her to express her soul through body movements.

Amanda trained as a Pilates and Hypopressive instructor in 2017, to improve her postural hygiene and physical condition. She is now a member of the Spanish Sports Federation and the International Pilates Federation. In 2018, she went to Rishikesh, India, where she began her career as a Yoga instructor with Yogi Dinesh Chandra at Om Shanti Om school. There she acquired spiritual and ancestral knowledge which she describes as “what gave my life it’s true meaning”, “I followed the path of health, equanimity, harmony, balance, love; and the union of it all”.

In addition, Amanda is also an expert in Reiki. She achieved mastery in India in 2019, with Guru Swami Prakash. Currently she is studying Massage Therapy and Osteopathy in Orthos School (Alicante); knowledge that she will use to help people in a more effective manner.

Amanda has created a fusion of the two modalities - yoga and pilates - in her classes. Her aim is to help improve people’s quality of movement, flexibility and strength, thus enhancing the quality of life and well-being. By attending these sessions, you will also be taking care of your mental health by releasing accumulated stress. The classes will be suitable for all ages and will be done in small groups, so that the teacher can keep a close eye on each person, helping to adjust the postures and exercises to our own body's strengths and limitations.