Natural therapies

Natural therapies



Natural Therapies are non-invasive techniques that aim to balance out our bodies holistically and globally. They contemplate the psycho-emotional, structural, chemical, energetic and spiritual planes.

Sessions are completely individualized and personalized, adapted to the unique needs of each patient. The main objective of these sessions is to identify the origin of a dysfunction, so that it can be solved permanently. These therapies work by improving the “terrain” (biological balance, immune balance and constitutional balance) and strengthening it, so that the disorders won't develop. They are intended to re-educate patients in hygiene-dietary habits to prevent, preserve and maintain health.


Naturopathy improves health through natural substances and natural stimuli. Naturopathy includes Nutritional Complementation (Orthomolecular Therapy), Schussler Salts, Oligotherapy, Organotherapy, Bach Flowers and Phytotherapy.


Homeopathy activates the body's natural response with the use of natural substances diluted to infinitesimal doses, and works with the origin of a disorder.


Kinesiology is based on muscular tests and the AR (arm reflex), which will show the therapist some specific guidelines to follow in order to re-balance the patient energetically.


Reflexology, or reflexotherapy, is a therapeutic manual treatment that consists of applying pressure or massage to different areas of the body. It can be performed on the feet although it can also be done on areas such as the hands, head or the ears. This technique is based on the fact that the different parts of the body are reflected in the soles of our feet and that, by massaging these parts, other areas of the body are indirectly treated. Through reflexology, organs, muscles and other parts of the body can be treated, stimulating the body's own self-healing mechanisms. Nowadays, we pay very little attention to our feet, and yet it is an area of the body greatly covered by nerve endings.

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