Babies and Children

Babies and Children

A safe, gentle and effective approach to treatment.


Osteopathy recognises the particular stresses on the body undergone by children as they grow from babies to teenagers, and have approaches to work with children of all ages.

Children are very active and experience many different types of strain, from the trauma of birth to the various falls and accidents commonplace in the early years, to growth spurts, illnesses or sports injuries. These might interfere with normal development or result in pain stiffness or discomfort.

Every child is different so your osteopath will do an individual assessment and work with you to plan the best way forward. This will involve a thorough case history and examination, and your osteopath will be able to provide a referral to another health professional as needed. Treatment itself is very gentle, as your osteopath helps ease the strains found.

Common conditions treated:

• Colic

• Reflux

• Indigestion

• Neck stiffness

• Feeding difficulties

• Flat head syndrome

• Ear infections

• Asthma

• Spine curvature and posture

• Growing pains

• Effects of cerebral palsy

• Developmental dysplasia of the hips or “clicky hips”

We have a very good success rate with these conditions. Please ring the clinic on 680357836 or use the website’s contact form for any more information you wish to obtain.


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