Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Most surgical interventions involve a “break”, to a greater or lesser extent, on an individual’s daily activities. A number of research findings suggest that many of the complications that occur after a surgical intervention have a lot to do with the state of the patient prior to their operation, and with their bio-psychosocial needs. The success of a surgery does not necessarily mean that the recovery will be successful also. Treatment and rehabilitation during the postoperative period is just as important as the surgery itself, however on many occasions it is very much neglected, causing an incorrect re-adaptation of the body.

At Osteozenia Clinic we will help you to balance your body´s biomechanics both before and after your surgical intervention, so that you can carry on with your life as it was, or even better. We will strive to:

  • Biomechanically balance out your joints and restore their mobility
  • Work with muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia to restore the quality of the affected tissues
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Help reduce post-surgical pain
  • Work with scars to avoid tissue adhesions that may make structures compensate incorrectly
  • Eliminate organ tension, using visceral techniques

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