Therapy that uses physical manipulation of the musculoskeletal system to improve health and relieve pain.

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Applies gentle manipulation techniques to treat and prevent health problems in children and babies.

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A health discipline that uses exercise, manual therapies and rehabilitation techniques to restore, maintain and improve physical mobility and function.

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The science that studies how food and nutrients affect the health, growth and well-being of the human body.

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A technique that uses fine needles at specific body points to relieve pain and treat health conditions.

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Therapeutic massage technique performed with the hands, to relieve muscular pain and improve relaxation and circulation.

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Rehabilitation approach that uses specific exercises to restore and improve the body's functionality and mobility.

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Exercises that improve flexibility and strength, with yoga focusing on the mind-body and Pilates on alignment and core.

Pediatric Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a discipline based on principles drawn from physiology, anatomy, human embryology and other biomedical sciences.


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What our patients say about us?

  • Sara Olsson
    I wanted to thank the great team at the Osteozenia clinic who treated me and my 2 month old son. We went to Moisés, the physio because my baby had problems with gas and colic, the treatment was great and left him relaxed and like another baby. He now sleeps better at night and no longer complains. I have also gone myself to train and improve my posture and strengthen my pelvic floor with personal trainer Christina Méndez. It has improved me a lot after pregnancy and childbirth. The way of working, not only physically but also neurologically has helped me to be more aware of my movements and posture. She is very authentic and lets you know that you are capable of much more than you think. Thank you I recommend you 100%!
    Sara Olsson
  • Danette Driscoll
    Moses is a miracle worker! I tried physiotherapy and Moises provided immediate relief from neck and shoulder pain. His philosophy is based on listening to the body! All the staff is very professional and friendly! I highly recommend it!
    Danette Driscoll
  • Nathan Van Pottelbergh
    Incredible osteopath! The only person, despite going to numerous osteopaths and chiropractors in 3 different countries, who was able to relieve my back pain. I had signs of improvement after the first visit and felt almost no more pain after a couple of times. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
    Nathan Van Pottelbergh
  • Anna Börjesson
    I have a long experience with various therapists and different types of treatments. Moises is the first to see the whole picture and find the cause of my pain. The treatment I received at Osteozenia is the best I have ever had. I will come back whenever I have more problems. I also like that Osteozenia offers other treatments to cover all the needs of body, mind and soul.
    Anna Börjesson
  • Jose Manuel Lopez Gonzales
    I had a problem with sciatica and immediately went to Moises on the recommendation of a colleague. My pain was unbearable and I could hardly move. In the first session I immediately noticed a huge improvement and with proper rest and a second treatment at the clinic, my problem has completely disappeared. I treat myself periodically when I feel any pain in my back and I am finally managing to deal with my sciatica problems that I have had for so many years without a solution. Moisés is for me the best professional I have found and the only one with whom I have noticed a real improvement in my problems. Thank you Osteozenia Clinic, well deserved recognition.
    Jose Manuel Lopez Gonzales
  • Marta Cases martinez
    Highly recommended. We went with my 2 week old baby because it was difficult for him to do his needs easily and it was a great experience, the ease, confidence and professionalism that Moisés has with babies gives a lot of peace of mind, he explains everything he is doing to the baby and they relax in his hands. I also treated myself because after the effort of childbirth the body undergoes many changes and it left me as good as new. Most important of all, it delivers results in a single session.
    Marta Cases martinez
  • Rocio Lajara
    This is my third session with Moisés (osteopath) and I couldn't be more delighted! I suffer from vertigo and since I've been with him I haven't had any again. He also treated my sciatica and since then zero pain! I recommend it 100%!!! The clinic in general is wonderful and the girl at the reception is a sweetheart.
    Rocio Lajara
  • Alejandro Gutierrez
    For me, Moises is one of the best osteopaths in Orihuela Costa. He treated my pyramidal muscle injury, he knows how to listen to your body and treats the injury in a global way that doesn't just focus on that area. The whole team of people who work in his clinic are amazing and the human quality they have is of the best. Thank you
    Alejandro Gutierrez
  • Maige Medrano
    After searching and searching and thanks to several recommendations that I was given, I decided to go to Osteozenia, since then it has been a before and after in the back pain that I was experiencing daily, in just one session it helped me to detect my problem, solve it and help me to work to avoid relapse. I am thankful to have found Moises, a great professional and very attentive to his clients. I recommend it 100%.
    Maige Medrano